What is the technology?

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The technology is used to improve and increase production.- The industry uses technology to dispense with a large number of employees, and create better and […]

Brilliant Minds

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When Albert Einstein stated that E=mc2, the world did not change. Were not invented anything. The way in which the particles was not altered. For […]

ropical cyclones usually weaken when they hit land, because they are "fed" by the energy of the warm waters of the ocean. However, when you move toward the inside, can fall many centimeters of rainfall causing floods, as well as wind damage before dying completely.

By that form hurricanes

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Hurricanes are the most violent storms on Earth. People call these storms by other names, such as typhoons or cyclones, depending on where they occur. […]

Another legend says that Saint Nicolas brought back to life three children who had been dismembered and placed in brine for a terrible kidnapper cannibal .His feast is celebrated on 6 December and is the patron saint of Russia and of Lorraine, and very popular in the above-mentioned Russia, Greece, Italy, Northern Europe, Germany and England, where he has been assimilated to their Santa Claus, the legendary character of white beard, dressed in red and wearing a hood, and Santa Claus, Anglo-Saxon name of San Nicolás, and with features of protector and patron saint of children. San Nicolas travels by these dates to the Netherlands from Spain in a sailboat and accompanied by Peter Black, a kind of Betama that decides that children deserve gifts and those who do not. In the United States, the Sinter Klaas imported became Santa Claus. In the Mediterranean, San Nicolas replaced in the festivities and popular beliefs to Poseidon, king of the seas and the god of earthquakes of classical mythology. He is depicted with orgamentos episcopal conferences and their attributes are three bags of gold with which book of prostitution to the three maidens, the three children resurrected and an anchor, as protector of the men of the sea, because being in Palestine say that calm a huge storm.

Origin Of Christmas

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There is a deep similarity of the celebrations of the end of December and beginning of January to March, no doubt because in both months, […]