what Is nanotechnology

Nanotechnology ┬áis a relatively new science, applied to many fields of research. It consists of studying, analyzing, structuring, forming, designing and operating materials at molecular scales. Nanotechnology has been in the last 20 years an important complement to the evolution of science, thanks to the advances of microscopic study have discovered medical enigma and solved “Micro” problems with “Macro” consequences.

The etymology of the word is composed of the Nano prefix, from Greek indicating a measurement (10 ^ 9 = 0,000 000 001) in scientific notation, representing a very small scale and “Technology” referring to the advance and evolution of science in relation to the application of this to society and industry.

The application of nanotechnology in medicine is one of the most impacted in everyday life, since microscopic observation and tactile evaluation mechanisms have been designed, which, given their scale, propose solutions and responses at the atomic level , cellular and molecular, the use of nanotechnology in the study of cancer cure has made important advances in the fight to eradicate this disease.

is nanotechnology

The nanorobotica is considered one of the most sophisticated technologies in existence today, because it is nothing more than the impressive result of the preparation of elements to form a structure with a function determined to such a minimal scale. Like these basically gold and Micromeros polymers, the small-scale robots are used for scaled-up nanochips, for the telecommunication and computer industry. Nanotechnology in robotics and its application in computing are a constant advance in modern computing which requires a permanent evolution given the learning behavior of today’s society.

is nanotechnology

The manufacturing of the nanorobotics is still a biased issue to the developed countries, which have the capacity to cover the high cost generated by the manufacture and study of this matter, however, it is in Third World countries that the application of this science, especially nanomedicine, which would help combat diseases generated in the Caribbean, the tropics and the African continent.

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